Custom Socks

313157_2415330061573_1200988148_32963446_175362_nChrissy’s custom socks are the perfect addition to your team or league uniforms. All of our customized socks are Made in the USA. You choose how you want to customize the socks. 3-4 weeks production time, plus shipping.

The importance of socks extends far beyond keeping your feet warm — although that is a big part of their origin. Socks absorb sweat to help prevent slippery soles during the most heated of sporting events. They protect from the elements, provide cushioning and alleviate ankle irritation often caused by the rubbing high tops, boots or other athletic shoes.

They’re the one personal item combat soldiers in World War II and Vietnam were instructed to always carry two sets of. They can be used as little bags to carry things, like tools or jewelry when you travel. They can even be used for protection: In situations of self-defense, they can be filled with rocks or loose change and used as a weapon, or they could serve as a bind to secure someone’s hands while waiting for police to arrive.

Designers have even mastered the art of making stockings fashionable, and many women and young ladies today depend on them as the perfect accessory to spice up an outfit for work or school.The point is, whether you need a high enough pair to hold up shin guards during a game of soccer, have to double up on socks to keep your feet warm while shoveling snow, or need a splash of color to spruce up a drab skirt, socks — regardless of their variation — may be the most important accessory in your dresser drawer.

This website help you find custom athletic socks. From baseball to lacrosse, cheerleading to roller derby — each pair serves a purpose specific to the activity at hand. And surprisingly, many types of socks even hold a bit of history.

For example, did you know many baseball teams got their team names based on the color of their socks? Or that cheerleading was actually invented by a man? If you’re interested in finding the right pair of socks for your sport or choice or just want to learn some fun history about athletic uniforms and their origins, you’ve come to the right place.